Shellac – A Brief Overview

All Natural non-toxic.
From the confectionary and agriculture industries to pharmaceutical and cosmetics producers, in addition to many other industrial applications, shellac is used as a dependable coating for an extensive number of products. Developing this all-natural, non-toxic product involves a multi-staged cleaning process that begins with sticklac, the raw material harvested from Kusumi trees in India and Thailand. This resinous ‘lac’ is then ground into granular form and washed numerous times to filter impurities. Once dried, the product is known as seedlac, which is then shipped to the central Temuss processing operation for further refining and distilling.

Product Longevity
As the seedlac goes through a number of additional washing and cleaning stages, the end product is then crushed,dried, ground and packaged. For application, the shellac is easily dissolved by alkaline or alcohol but is resistant to hydrocarbons. Naturally, the shellac has excellent adhesive qualities and provides the appropriate hardness and shine that developers and producers in these industries demand. Shellac is an outstanding insulator,featuring excellent dielectric properties, resistance to ultraviolet light rays and significantly contributes to the product’s longevity.

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