It’s a natural sealer.
As a protective coating NatureLac glaze combines a number of features to ensure dependable and consistent performance. Whether applying to pills, tablets or slow release capsules, this natural sealer can be customized to meet the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical industry, maximizing the shelf life and improving the appearance of products. From single coating to multiple applications, our glazes protect against moisture to ensure and provide an excellent base for a trademark imprint.

We’ve got two glaze options.
Temuss offers two options of pharmaceutical glaze: our Food Grade Regular and our Food Grade Refined (Dewaxed). With approximately 5% naturally occurring wax, our Regular glaze produces a more viscous shellac, which permits a quicker build-up on porous applications. The lower viscosity of our Dewaxed product is suitable for higher solids applications, providing rapid, uniform drying and superb color retention, while imparting an exceptional finish and clarity.

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