Other Uses

It seals wood and binds paint.
The applications for Temuss’ shellacs and glazes extend well beyond the more prominent industries with whom we typically deal. Our shellac is used in the building industry as a sealer for wood to protect against moisture, as well as a binding agent in paints and rust treatment. The manufacturing sector uses our product extensively: as a coating for grinding wheels, plastic parts and films; as an additive to natural rubber; and, as a binder for lamp cements, insulation materials and moulding compounds in electrical and electronics applications. Even the printing industry will use our shellac for edible printing inks, aluminum foil, paper and other packaging products.

Can withstand rigorous commercial usage!
Our product is as durable as it is flexible and can withstand the rigorous demands of commercial usage. Always feel free to contact the Temuss team to discuss how our shellacs and glazes might help improve your product’s presentation and performance.

We develop coustomized applications.
Temuss Products Limited is a major supplier of shellac and confectioner’s glaze for the coatings industry. As one of only two North American producers of superior shellacs and glazes Temuss has built a reputation for understanding the specific needs of our clients by developing customized applications and always providing prompt service and delivery.  All of our products meet Kosher Dietary Law as approved by the Kashruth Council of Canada under COR 266.

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